Reikinetics and our brand new website!

Hello my name is Richard and I'm really excited to introduce you to our exciting new website.

Reikinetics is my own unique & powerful form of Natural Energy Healing based on Reiki, developed over 15 years of discovery, practice & study, and incorporating key elements from other complementary treatments from the world of health & wellness. Through this blog we aim to share lots of powerful and practical information on these subjects including some of my own fascinating experiences & stories, interesting articles, tips & knowledge, links to content from all manner of sources and additional stuff from our guest contributors! You can also

join-in the conversation as we really want to hear about YOUR journey, YOUR experiences & also the subjects YOU want to hear more about. So please do get involved! We invite your feedback & thoughts.

Please subscribe to the blog & sign up to the newsletter (the form is at the bottom of our website) to get alerts on new posts. You can also follow us across our social media pages. The links to these can be found on our website. We want to keep you up-to-date and continue to share lots of powerful information with you so you can engage with future promotions, discounts, Reikinetics retreats, events, and natural products! Getting involved & sharing our posts will also help us to reach other people, in the hope we can improve the lives of many on our journey to promote natural healing & good health; bringing more joy & energy to those looking to lead a more fulfilling life.

You can also become a member of Reikinetics, the sign up link is located in the top bar of our website where our members can also get direct access to us about their specific treatment program and receive membership discounts across all our services & products.

Look out for our upcoming posts over the coming weeks! We will be discussing all manner of different topics, health conditions & symptoms and various articles relating to your health & wellness, but as we begin to enter yet another National Lockdown, we are keen for our next posts in particular to look at the important subject of 'how to strengthen your personal immunity ' and of course how to deal with any one of a number of new anxieties that may affect us during a lockdown scenario.

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