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 What is REIKINETICS Natural Energy Healing?

Incorporating influential and key elements from some of the world's other amazing complementary therapies, Reikinetics is 

a 100% SafeNatural Energy Healing System, at its heart lying the sole positive intention of providing you with an increased

sense of well-being & good health. By way of trained hands, your Reikinetics practitioner initiates a therapeutic yet

purposeful process to facilitate & promote your body's own in-built capacity to self-heal, focussing intently on careful 

restoration, rebalancing and the subsequent easing of any unwanted mental, physical & emotional symptoms you may be suffering from. 

The very nature of our modern lifestyles means we will all experience some form of troublesome ailment, condition or 

significant life event that leaves us feeling emotionally drainedmentally unsettled or just physically worn-out

Prompt intervention & self-care at this point can help to prevent any further unbalancing of our entire energy system 

and reduce the likelihood of even more undesirable symptoms

Reikinetics is a Holistic therapy meaning the person is in-fact treated as a whole. Carried out by trained practitioners who have been attuned to 'The Reiki Energy', #reikinetics works on the premise that life-force energy flows through all of us. There is nothing specific you need to believe in, in order to benefit from this safe, natural energy healing treatment. 

Did You Know? Complementary health therapies like Reiki (pronounced 'ray-key') are widely-used 

alongside conventional medical treatments in thousands of mainstream healthcare services around the world!

Welcome to REIKINETICS - We can help.

"At first glance, the idea of creating & bringing a new, accessible & more modern 'Natural Energy Healing System' to the mainstream definitely sounds ambitious. But after what can only be described as a never-ending white-knuckle ride of personal 

growth & development, the steepest of learning curves plus the regular witnessing (& downplaying) of profound and sometimes 

'unexplainable' events, slowly but surely you begin to realise that maybe, just maybe, you're finally on the right path..." Richard E. Dews


 After a preliminary chat with your practitioner to clarify your needs, health issues & to answer any questions you may have, the treatment is carried out whilst you are relaxed fully-clothed laid on a couch, massage table or seated in a comfortable chair


The Benefits of REIKINETICS

   A #reikinetics treatment program can help you     

   rediscover your ZEST FOR LIFE & bring about a 

   host of positive life-changing benefits.


   Here's just a few...​

  • Enhanced levels of Natural Immunity

  • Improved ability to Self-Heal

  • Increased sense of Emotional Stability

  • Significant boosting of Energy levels

  • Mental Well-Being + Positive Outlook

  • Relaxed, More Peaceful State-of-Mind

  • Clarity of Thought + Improved Focus 

  • Stronger Purpose + Life Direction

  • Personal Growth + Development


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Welcome to Reikinetics...We can help.

Do you recognise ANY of these symptoms? 

  • Elevated levels of Worry + Stress (e.g. work-related)

  • Noticeable Reduction of Energy Levels + Fatigue 

  • Emotional +Turbulent Periods of Change (e.g. relationships + life transitions)

  • Compromised levels of Personal Immunity

  • After-effects of Shock,Trauma or Grief

  • Troublesome Anxiety Symptoms (e.g. panic attacks)

  • Personal Self-Esteem issues

  • Persistent Physical Aches + Pains (e.g. headaches or post-injury effects) 

  • Mild to deep-seated symptoms of Depression

  • 'Poor Sleep' Disorder + Relaxation issues

  • Low-Mood, Melancholy + Negative Outlook

  • Nervous Disposition + general Lack of Confidence 

  • ​Stubborn Emotional Blockages (e.g. previous life events + difficult memories)

  • Restricted levels of Physical Mobility 

  • Long-term illness (e.g. Motor Neuron diseases)

Reiki Treatment
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